Resource Planning and Support Services

  • Development and maintenance of funding methodologies (methodologies for the official elements of the State Court System and ad hoc methodologies, such as cases over the flat fee and resolving civil disputes for allocations and legislative budget requests);
  • Legislative bill analysis including funding analysis of proposed legislation with a fiscal impact;
  • Monitor trends in daily, monthly, and yearly revenues (Projected vs. Actual Revenues);
  • Provide staff support to the Judicial Staff Representative Chief Justice Designee to the Florida Clerks of Court Operations Corporation (CCOC) Executive Council;
  • Tracking potential funding shortfalls and excess;
  • Evaluating the impact of economic trends on court system filings and the potential impact to revenues;
  • Analysis of Fees, Fines, and Court Costs;
  • Technical assistance to the circuits;
  • Conduct Criminal Conflict Cases Over the Flat Fee payment analysis.
Last Modified: October 19, 2023